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Explore God with UMCL


Explore God Sermon Series

This series is meant to address some of the most common questions you may have about the Christian faith, but also to equip you to confidently share your faith with others and engage their questions in your homes, your workplaces, and in your leisure.
This 5 week sermon series will begin on December 30th and last through January 27th. We are also hosting 6 discussion groups in which you can engage each topic further and gain others’ perspectives. They will be held as follows:
  • Sunday @ 8:00am – Begins January 6th
  • Sunday @ 10:45am – Begins December 30th
  • Sunday @ 12:15pm – Begins January 6th
  • Sunday @ 6:30pm (Youth Group) – Begins January 6th
  • Sunday @ 6:30pm (Parents of Youth) – Begins January 6th
  • Wednesday @ 7:00pm – Begins January 2nd

We hope you will plan on attending, and just as important – invite a friend or neighbor, they can peruse all of the available groups here:

We all wonder, and we all have questions. We are excited to host a safe space to Explore God together!